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JULY 8-10, 2022



Ticket Holders Only!



Sales Are REopened!

 As the long awaited 75th Anniversary celebration approaches, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been involved and pitched in to make this happen.

We are very excited for all of the activities and visitors!

To make this weekend a success, there are some guidelines we ask you to observe.

  • We have spent a considerable amount of time planning and sending out correspondence for this weekend.

Guest RSVP’s have been accounted for in every activity to be able to plan accordingly.

Please DO NOT anticipate participating unless you have RSVP’d and paid the entry fee.

We are at full  capacity for many events and can not accommodate anyone  at the last minute.   


  • The Dock Parties and the Saturday night dinner will be “Bring Your Own” drinks.

PLEASE DO NOT bring glass bottles, cups, glasses to either of these events.

Plan in advance to avoid bringing glass onto lake shared property.  


  • The speed limit for the weekend will be 10 MPH.

There will be a lot of children and adults walking/biking on the road.

Please be mindful of your speed at all times! 


  • To avoid unnecessary traffic, please avoid package & food deliveries for event the weekend. 


  • The 5K will take place on Saturday morning from 8-9:30.

Avoid driving on the lake road during that time frame.

Plan ahead to avoid traveling in or out of the lake at that time. 


  • We strongly encouraging you to cheer on the 5k runners/walkers from your driveways to keep them

motivated throughout the course.

Cheering, playing music and ringing bells are great ways to help!  


  • Parking at the Community House and Athletic Field is for handicap, special hardship cases and necessary volunteer vehicles only.

Extra parking and a shuttle will be available at the Morris County School of Technology on Rt. 53

(400 E. Main St. Denville. NJ) begining at 5PM, Fri. July 8th - 2:30PM Sun. July 10th

Further schedules will be made available at the welcome check-in.

  • The Sunday Song Service should be primarily for our guests.

Bring your boat or chairs to the beach to enjoy from outside, giving preference to our guests. 

Thank you for your cooperation, 

Your 75th Co-chairs, Erin and Robin 


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